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Eating Psychology & Counseling

Eating disorders are often misunderstood by the public and may range from casual issues to serious health problems. For some, underlying concerns may be the cause of the behavior. We have specialists in eating psychology who want to help you understand what you can do to be happy with yourself.

Psychology is the science of behavior.  It is the study of how and why people do what they do. For people trying to manage their weight, psychology addresses behavior and thinking.  Treatment involves identifying eating patterns and finding to ways to change eating behaviors.  Therapy focuses on identifying self-defeating thinking patterns that contribute to weight management problems.

Two of our therapists, Lisa Trussell and Beth Vetrano, have experience in counseling eating disorders and were among a small group selected to travel to Phoenix, AZ, to attend a two-day workshop hosted by Keller Life focusing on this issue.  Please call to schedule an appointment with one of them if this is your area of concern.  Below is additional information about the Keller Life Center:

Keller Life Center

Keller Life is a residential treatment center for women in Chandler AZ.  It is based on the highly successful program of what was Remuda Ranch, also started by Ward Keller.  Keller Life uses methods that have worked for thousands of women and has incorporated the best modern science and care standards available today, focusing on restoring the mind, body, faith, and family.  Their medical and behavioral health professionals are the most knowledgeable in their field and work together to incorporate all stages of the healing process.  It is apparent that the professionals who work there love their job and are dedicated to connecting with each young woman that enters its doors.

The treatment facility is comprised of 7 beautiful homes in a gated community in Chandler, AZ, on the outskirts of Phoenix.  Each home is beautifully decorated producing a warm welcoming environment for the women.  The usual length of stay is 45 days, which involves extensive daily individual, and group counseling.  Insurance plans are accepted and KellerLife will work with all parties involved.  The goal is that all women have access to a proven successful treatment plan.

If you or a female in your family struggle with an eating disorder, we at The Center for Counseling and Psychological Resources can help you locally with individual counseling, as well as confidently refer to Keller Life if a more intensive program is needed.


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